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  • Khern

    Hands down one of the best kombuchas I’ve ever tasted. It’s flavourful and has treated my gut so well. I love how there isn’t a lot of sugar in each bottle.

  • Ariel. Y

    I’ve had my fair share of Kombuchas in Singapore and so far my favourite has to be Aboocha! Love that it comes in so many different flavours and that they are all not too sweet and not too gassy.

  • Felicia. N

    Tried Aboocha at Takashimaya today! I like that their kombucha is not too sour and more tea based. Their flavours are always so refreshing, my favorites are sour plum, pineapple mint and OG.

  • Jensen. H

    Great selection of flavours to choose from. You can't go wrong with any of them, but my favourites have to be the original and sencha pear!

  • Belly. B

    Most fave kombucha ever! just the right fizziness and not too sweet, it’s the right balance. they also have really interesting flavours that i never imagine would work out, but they did and taste great! fave flavours are definitely the sour plum and OG!

  • Jovee. Y

    Tasty kombucha! Love sour plum and apple ginger!

  • K. Chiang

    Best kombucha in Singapore with multiple flavors to choose from. Service and response from staff is efficient and quick!

  • Jas. S

    Love this healthier kombucha with lesser sugar. Lychee rose and apple ginger taste great!

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